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20% of Your Data Could Be Bad: Here's How to Fix It w/ Bud Walker

When you think about how much bad data can really cost you, it's important to make sure that your info is deliverable, callable, and emailable. If you've got a lot of data--and who doesn't, these days?--it becomes vital to spend the resources to ensure that the data you're using is accurate.

The Corporate Data Show is a podcast dedicated to helping business executives manage their marketing data needs. 

Whether you're dealing with B2B data, marketing specific data, or retail databases, this podcast is designed to help you think about managing your corporate data needs at the highest level. Each episode features an interview with a thought leader in the data business, discussing topics like: sales intelligence, data as a service, business intelligence, B2B Data, identity resolution, data services, data trends, revenue opportunities, data engineering, client success, data accuracy, transparency, analytics, IT, and more.

Bud Walker, Vice President of Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Bud Walker is responsible for managing strategy, expansion, and vision for the company's offerings. In the role of Sales Engineer Walker has extensive experience in the field of Data Quality, and has worked with hundreds of clients to help integrate a data quality regimen into day to day operations.

Learn more about Bud Walker >


Does your holiday marketing need an elf for an assistant? Let's be real, who doesn't? Melissa Data is your holiday helper, with 5 valuable tips to help you lead a stunning marketing campaign from from now and on into the new year. Check it out! 

1. Create a Tight Campaign Strategy
Tidy up your contact data before launch day. Achieve better returns when you plan ahead and know that each customer's data is accurate, reliable, and actionable. If your communication isn't deliverable, customers won't know that you're celebrating the holiday season with them! 

2. Holiday Offers
Think demographically and segment your marketing to target consumers with personalized messages that speak to and compliment their celebrations. Make your special offers unique and appropriate. We offer demographic and firmographic append services that add marital status, household income, family size, and more. Gain insight into your consumers and create offers that benefit their needs.  

3. Engage Yourself 
It's easy to focus on customer engagement via email response rates, conversions, and social analytics. But ask yourself: Am I engaged? Consider our Social Media Service to gain a full picture of where and how your customers socialize and add flexibility to your strategy. 

5. Spread the Joy 
Now would also be a great time to reach out to potential new customers who are just like your existing customers. Our Consumer list has hundreds of selects so that you can find the perfect audience for your campaign. And our lists are  USPS®CASS™processed to ensure high deliverability.

4. Make it a Fulfilling Holiday
Add address autocompletion to forms and to your checkout--this will reduce long forms that frustrate customers. Plus, they work great for people buying gifts for long distance family and friends. If they don't know the full address or postal code of their recipient, Global Express Entry will help. 

The holiday season isn't merely a list of 'special offer' dates. To reach sales goals, create a customer experience filled with joy. Tie your campaign up in a red ribbon and celebrate your customers. They will feel valued and shift loyalty to you. 

Melissa Data Enables Active Data Quality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Full Spectrum Data Quality Tools and Services Enable Better View
of the Customer for Stakeholders at Every Point in the Data Stream

Melissa Data, a leading provider of global contact data quality solutions, today announced active data quality tools and services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Rather than relying on rules-based validation, Melissa Data's tools tap into multi-sourced, constantly updated reference datasets to cleanse, standardize, and enrich data in real-time, assuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM users the most accurate and actionable customer information.

"Customers are not static. And data quality shouldn't be either," said Bud Walker, vice president of enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data. "Our tools provide active data quality at the point of entry to ensure only verified data enters the system." 

Users can take advantage of a full spectrum of data quality add-ons for Dynamics CRM including global address, name, phone and email verification, ID verification, move updating, and firmographic enrichment.

"With our new BusinessCoder add-on, users can enhance CRM data with detailed information from 25 categories, including company name, phone numbers, SIC codes, number of employees, total sales estimates, and more," said Walker.  "This helps sales and marketing improve quality of leads, boost response, and close more business."   

Melissa Data works closely with the range of Microsoft technologies, including SQL Server Integration Services, .NET, and Excel, providing flexible data quality tools to support varied enterprise requirements. 

Click here to see the full complement of active data quality tools and services available for integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For a demonstration, visit Melissa Data at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, Booth #470, September 26-30; or call 1-800-MELISSA.

Come see us at Dreamforce!

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dreamforce small.png

Melissa Data is proud to present our global data quality solutions at this year's Dreamforce® event in San Francisco Oct 4 - 7. We'll showcase our powerful cloud solutions including Listware® - to clean, correct, and enrich your data, and MatchUp® to identify, consolidate, and purge duplicate records. Watch your business soar with these customizable solutions for Salesforce®.

And, when you stop by either of our booths, #140 and #2129, be sure to enter our contest to win a Marriott gift card for $600! It can be used for your hotel stay, dining, spa, or golf! Let us give you and your data the royal treatment and eliminate those database nightmares!

Find out how we can help you:

  • Match duplicate records to gain a single customer view
  • Verify & correct address, phone, & email data for over 240 countries
  • Add geographics, firmographics & demographics for better targeting

Measuring the Half-Life of Data

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By Bud Walker

Data, like any radioactive material, has a half-life. That's the time it takes for half of the contact information in your database to go bad. We've concluded that the average "half-life of data" is 45.4 months, or three years and 9 months.

In the U.S. annually we have a population of 316 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


Marriages = 2.3 million

Divorces = 1.2 million

Births = 4.3 million

Deaths = 2.5 million

Moves = 47 million

Total Changes per year = 57.3

Total Changes per month = 4.8

The half-life formula is:

t1/2 = (t ln 1/2)/(ln mf / mi)

t1/2 = ln (1/2)/ln((316-4.8)/316) = 45.4 months or ...

Therefore after 3 years and 9 months half the records in a customer's database are incorrect.

The results highlight the importance of data quality, and why you should continuously clean and update your contact data to ensure its accuracy. Good quality data will help your organization make better business decisions and position it for growth.

Come See Me in Atlanta!

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Join us in Atlanta for
Microsoft® Ignite™, Sept 26-30! We're excited to offer you a unique opportunity to learn about our latest data quality solutions for Microsoft applications, including Dynamics™CRM, SQL Server®, Excel®, .NET, and Visual Studio®.

When you stop by our booth, you'll get a first-hand look at some of the very best contact data cleansing, verification, and enrichment technology at work. We can help you meet your business goals, reduce fraud, increase ROI, and maintain a database that is Accurate, Complete, Relevant, and Actionable!


Our Solutions Help You: 

  • Achieve a single customer view by matching duplicates
  • Ensure database accuracy by verifying global addresses, phones & emails
  • Gain better insights by adding firmographic, demographic & geographic info

Stop by booth #470 and say hello to our data quality 
microsoft-ignite-tablet.pngexperts: Bud, Charles, and Eric! 

They look forward to meeting you and answering the questions you're just dying to ask. 

Plus, when you visit us, you'll have an opportunity to enter to win a Microsoft® Surface® 3 Tablet!


Date: September 26-30
Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
Booth: #470 

DevNetwork interviews Melissa Data's API

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DevNetwork is covering the top API technologies in the industry leading up to API World 2016, the nation's largest API conference.

In preparation for the API World 2016 Conference, here at DevNetwork we have Bud Walker, VP, Enterprise Sales & Strategy at Melissa Data, talking about their API.

What services do you currently enable developers to build on via your API's?

All of our products for Data Quality are made available as an API. We offer cloud-based, dedicated cloud, and on-premise APIs which allow developers to enable all aspects of Data Quality in their Enterprise.

Read the rest here!

Melissa Data: Your Friend in Brand Integrity

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Ross: Every week, the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey's 
apartment. What name appears on the address label?

Rachel: Oh! Chandler gets it! It's Chandler Bing!

Monica: No!

Ross: I'm afraid the TV Guide comes to "Chanandelor Bong."

Monica: I knew that! Rachel! Use your head!

Chandler: Actually, it's Miss Chanandelor Bong.

FRIENDS Season 4, Episode 12

Bad Contact Data isn't new - it has created pop culture. This episode of Friends is a highly amusing scene, but the joke is more than simply Rachel's lack of knowledge. When it comes to contact data, who's steering the ship?

Name? Absurd. Gender? Wrong.

Maintaining the most complete and up-to-date customer information is highly important. When marketing material is sent to the same household multiple times, to different individuals or names are misspelled, it doesn't just cost you in postage. It costs your brand.

Brand integrity may be defined as the consistent image that a brand presents to the public. From social marketing to direct mail, a brand must maintain a single voice and image in order to be taken seriously and to be successful. According to The Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, if the gap between the projected image and the reality of the customer experience widens, customers smell hypocrisy.

Melissa Data can help you anchor your brand in the public eye with better, more accurate contact data. We have a number of solutions that are made to fit your data needs. For example, Personator is a solution to consider when devising ways to preserve your brand's integrity. Personator provides name-to-address verification and cross-referencing address, name, phone, and email to ensure all data corresponds to the same individual. Personator will also enrich your contacts by adding missing address, email, and phone information, and much more. See how it works.

Then, there's mailing and shipping. You want to make your customers happy to protect your brand. Accurately mailing packages is a good way to increase customer retention. SmartMover can help. SmartMover is a real-time, cloud-based service that allows you to update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers that have moved. Get the current addresses of old customers who may have relocated to get your mail delivered on time, and qualify for postal discounts.

These are only a few of the ways in which Melissa Data can help you maintain your brand. Our customers are very important to us, and we are dedicated to helping you preserve the reputation of your business. Learn more when you visit our website and discover the tools you need to cultivate the integrity of your brand. 

Persistent Address Key Uniquely Simplifies Data Updates to Changes Only,

Optimized for First Responders, Route Planning and Analytics

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF - August 9, 2016 - Melissa Dataa leading provider of global contact data quality solutions, today announced its Master Address Table, an industry-first approach to validating, enhancing, and managing addresses in a given neighborhood or area. The Master Address Table contains current, detailed information on more than 180 million U.S. addresses, including residential, commercial, and more than two million non-USPS® addresses, or physical addresses that do not receive USPS delivery. In a critical advancement pioneered by Melissa Data, each address is assigned a Melissa Address Key™(MAK™), a unique, persistent key that never changes; this proprietary technology ensures efficient data updates, only required when addresses change or are added.


Melissa Data's Master Address Table provides a complete, real-time database of residential and business addresses within a specific area, offering a new advantage to first responders who can now quickly identify an address and ensure help reaches the correct location immediately. This technology benefits all data quality applications focused on activities other than mailing, such as optimizing route planning, resource allocation, analytics, utilities management, risk assessment, or nonprofit donor tracking.


"We recognized a need within certain areas of our customer base, as we saw data managers working with saturation lists to ensure valid address data for services such as emergency response, mapping, or analytics. Having all the valid addresses in a specific neighborhood differs dramatically from target marketing, and needed to be more accessible for these users," said Bud Walker, vice president enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data. "At the same time, updating this deep volume of data needed to be simplified and cost-effective. Our persistent address key breaks new ground on that front - it's another smart, sharp tool that dramatically reduces time and resources spent on data updates by only updating keys that are new or have changed."


The Melissa Address Key is akin to a barcode or ISBN number, identifying a discrete physical street address and aligning a multitude of additional information associated with each particular address. Users can access geographic information such as rooftop lat/long, census tract/block number, county name, and FIPS code, ideal for analytics, mapping, and logistics applications. Data can be searched based on specific parameters, for example, congressional district, school district, one or more ZIP™ codes, or regions such as cities, counties, or states.


A collection of addresses via the Melissa Data Master Address Table can be accessed as a one-time purchase including monthly updates for one year, or on a subscription basis with ongoing monthly updates. Click here for more insight on Melissa Data's Master Address Table capabilities, or call 1-800-MELISSA.

Saved from Nonprofit Nightmares

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donor-nightmare-2 - small.png

It was a dark and stormy night. Robin lay in bed tossing and turning; unable to sleep. Their budget was tight, and half the invitations to their latest fundraiser had come back return-to-sender. Too many bad addresses to count. They would have to change venues, maybe even negotiate new vendors. Robin kept thinking of all the donations they were counting on. They would likely be much less than planned. This was their big event of the year. It was the culmination of the holiday season when people usually feel generous. But the stress of it all had Robin breaking out into a cold sweat.  

How were they to clean their database of old donor contacts? It went back 15 years. Their staff was small and there was no time to handle the day-to-day business and manage these files. Should they delete the whole list and start over? 

Do you feel like Robin? Working in the nonprofit sector can seem like a waking nightmare of returned mail, duplicate contact data, and missing information that leads to loss of donors and funding for important programs. Budgets are tight. Government grants are constantly shrinking. Donations may not have picked back up after the economic downturn. 

Wake up!

Melissa Data offers solutions to reach prospective donors; like our targeted donor, occupant/resident, and saturation mailing lists. Access a vast consumer database to see people with active community involvement paired to the niche you serve. There are people out there hungry to take up your cause. 

How much mail is returned after a fundraising invitation? What about the community, do you find yourself calling upon local volunteers using numbers that are out of service and emails that are undeliverable? 

You may not have the time or the staff to go through contact data one by one. You need our point-of-entry global address verification solution that clean your donor or alumni database of inaccurate, incomplete, or undeliverable addresses in real-time. It also catches data errors as they occur. Plus, with our change-of-address solutions, when donors move, you can update and verify their address to maintain contact.

End the struggle of endless duplication. Have you ever received three new donors from one family after a single event? There's no need to send them triplicate documents. With our deduplication solution, every repeated record is eliminated. This cuts down on the cost of printed materials as well as postage.

Push #GivingTuesday harder, broadcast your participation in your community's local GiveBig event, and find new, loyal philanthropists in your community waiting to meet you. Get our Social Media Append service, Melissa Data's answer to improved grassroots campaigning via Facebook, Twitter, and eighteen other social networks. With the service, you can enrich your contact data with social contact information from 20 different social networks. So instead of just having a contact's name, phone, and email address, you can better personalize your outreach efforts by adding social media information to your contact info.

Improve your fundraising efforts now with Melissa Data. Find out how by visiting our website