How to Slam Dunk Data Management

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There's a new eBook out called, "The Data Management Slam Dunk: A Unified Integrated Platform" from Information Management and sponsored by Talend*. We highly recommend you download the publication when you get a chance. It details metadata and the benefits of having a unified data management platform - two topics we've delved into in this blog and in recent webinars.

In fact, our BI Architect and resident industry expert Ira Whiteside, will cover metadata in a series of seminars sponsored by the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS).

Here's a snippet of the eBook:

If you do nothing else to rein in the unwieldy world of your company's data assets, focus on managing metadata. Like the Rosetta Stone of data, this practice in and of itself can yield more benefit than any other component of your information strategy. Metadata is the heart and soul of data integration: its effective management can save you time, money, trouble and headaches.

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