Connecting All Points for Correct, Current and Complete Data

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Maintaining the most complete and up-to date customer information available will help you stay competitive, cut costs, and drive growth. So, how do you go about doing this? Many would say to use contact data validation, however, we have found that, that is not enough. A more complete data verification process is needed for true data quality.

For example, you might be able to validate a customer's address, but having the ability to validate whether they truly live there or not, takes your data verification a step further. The same goes for phone numbers. Validating that they truly are linked with that customer can save you time and money on making that phone call.

With a tool like Melissa Data's Personator, you can determine whether or not a customer lives at the address as well as verify their phone number. Personator does this through using powerful matching and retrieval technologies to compare incoming records against proprietary set of multi-sourced reference data, including USPS data, telco data, title information, and other public and proprietary data.

Through this process, Personator has the ability to confirm that the name matches the address, and most importantly, determine that records accuracy and completeness. Personator also offers an append function which brings a record to its most complete form by filling in the gaps with verifiable street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and associated demographics. This results in full contact data quality for your business.

A tool, like Personator, can help you achieve data quality through obtaining complete Data. Complete data provides you with ease of communicating with customers, ensuring delivery, and saving on unnecessary costs. Learn more about Melissa Data's Personator.

By Natalia Crawford

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