Fraud Prevention for Ecommerce Merchants Part 2

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Auto-Complete Addresses with Verified Information

To ensure a customer can quickly enter their billing/shipping information and get through the payment process, with as little hassle as possible, is critical in ecommerce. The last thing online retailers need is a frustrated customer submitting long fields of contact information in a web form or in a shopping cart; especially on mobile devices. The customer may abandon the shopping cart altogether. Customers want a simplified checkout system--and if it's easier for them--eRtailers will also reap the benefits.

Integrating a real-time address auto-complete solution into web forms will help speed up order entries with reduced keystrokes. This type of solution makes it easy for customers to enter an address as it uses a type-ahead function that will complete queries with verified address, including city, state, and ZIP Codes™ for U.S. addresses, or postal code for international addresses. eRetailers will also be able to ensure that only clean data is entered into their database. It's a win-win.

A more streamlined verification process will keep customers happy--which in turn, means increased conversions, an improved customer experience, and higher revenue for the eRetailer.

Capture Clean & Verify ID

Let's face it, oftentimes customers are in a rush or distracted, they don't have the time or the patience to fill out a web form which in turn means their online submissions are sloppy and inaccurate. They may omit a letter or punctuation mark from an email address, transpose numbers in a mailing address, or leave out the area code of their phone number.

Meanwhile, customer service representatives are guilty of committing the same crime-entering data incorrectly in the frantic rush to place an order to expedite delivery. Among the most common data entry errors--inaccurate data (44%); typos (22%); and spelling mistakes (19%); according to a published report.

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