Need the Name of the Property Owner? Find It In Seconds!

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The TopConnector app is the easiest way to find the owner of virtually any property in the U.S. - just touch a house or a building on the map. It's as easy as that!

The Basics & New Additions

When you touch a property on the map, a callout appears and shows key info about the property - including the name of the owner. In the latest TopConnector version, we've also added the property owner's absentee status to the callout. Now you'll know it right away whether the owner is absentee or not.

To get more information about the owner, tap on the callout. TopConnector provides owner's mailing address, demographics, how long they have been living there, and more. If the owner has made their phone number available in the public records, TopConnector will provide that, too.

The latest TopConnector version also shows the boundaries of most U.S. properties. Now you can see where a property begins and where it ends.

To make researching and comparing properties even easier, we've added the following info to the callout:

·      Property address,

·      Property value,

·      Bedrooms & bathrooms,

·      Last sale date,

·      Owner's name,

·      When the owner is absentee, this info is also shown on the callout.



How to research properties using TopConnector app:

1.  First, center the map on the neighborhood you are interested in. There are four easy ways to do that:

·      You can use My Location to get info on the properties around you.

·      You can search by an address to get info on properties around that address.

·      You can select from the photos on your phone to get info on properties at the photo's location.

·      Or you can just drag your finger along the map to explore any area.

 2.  Start touching the buildings you see on the map.

 3.  Tap on a callout to get all available data on that property and its owners.


TopConnector gives unlimited access to data on over 120 million residential and commercial properties, regardless whether they are for sale or not. No account is required in order to use the app, and no memberships of any kind are necessary.

Wherever you might be, the entire TopConnector property database will always be with you - right in your hand.

Need the name of the property owner? You can find it in seconds.

TopConnector app is in the App Store

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