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Introducing Business Coder for United Kingdom

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Melissa is happy to announce the release of our Business Coder service for UK, where you can verify, validate, and append firmographics for businesses in the UK. Originally servicing only the US, our webservice now expands to the UK as one of our more popular demands for business identification.

Our Business Coder UK webservice can help provide address cleansing and verification, along with business verification and appending of firmographic data. Our SIC Codes and Descriptions can help identify industries that the targeted businesses belong to, along with incorporation dates to help verify the correct businesses.

Similar to Business Coder US, our familiar result codes can help determine any issues with address or business validation. Ensure that the data returned along with our results help verify correct businesses in your data.

Powered by our Global Address engine, our address validation system thoroughly covers streets across the United Kingdom. With quality data ensured by experts and reliable sources such as the Royal Mail, be sure that you standardize and correct any addresses for your list of businesses to ensure that your deliveries do not go to waste.

And don't forget, this is only an announcement for our initial release. We're constantly striving to improve our webservice, as we plan to add additional fields and features to Business Coder UK. Check out our wiki and be on the lookout for new updates for the webservice!

Please note that for our release, Business Coder US and Business Coder UK will have separate URLs to make web service requests to. Additionally, Business Coder UK requires a separate subscription from Business Coder US. Please visit our wiki for more information on how to what to expect out of the new Business Coder.

Business Coder UK wiki:

Looking for Someone? Try our New Personator Search

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Personator Search is a new cloud based solution provided by Melissa that allows users to retrieve multiple verified contact records based on an input address, name, phone, or email. With this service, power users can easily parse through multiple individuals at a single address, multiple individuals with the same name, and more to get precisely the record they are looking for.

In a Nutshell

In essence, our Personator Search will take in a user's input information, search against a massive multi-sourced database, and return all information we have associated with those inputs. The user can then parse through their results to find the individual, address, phone, or email they are looking for.


A Full Suite of Information

As stated above, Personator Search can return contact information based on an address, name, phone, or email input. More specifically, the outputs include:

·         One full name per record

·         One current address per record

·         Move date for the current address

·         All previous addresses associated with the record

·         Move date for the previous addresses

·         All phone numbers associated with the record

·         All emails associated with the record

·         Date of birth

·         Date of death

What an example XML format response may look like:

XML format.png

Complete User Control

Data Management

While Personator Search will return up to 500 individual records with an extensive amount of information in each, the user can impose limits on responses to prevent overwhelming intricate data retrieval and management processes. Each response is split into pages, which by default contains 10 records per page. However, the user can use built in options to change the amount of records per page, the maximum amount of phones or emails returned, or even return every record simultaneously.

Search and Sort

In addition to controlling the amount of data and what kind of data is returned, the user can also control how their information is used to search Melissa's massive contact database. The search type option will allow the user to select what piece of input data is the primary pivot when verifying or appending information. Let's say for example, an address, name, phone, and email are all entered as an input. Search type will allow the user to find all individuals associated with that address, all individuals of the input name, all individuals with the input phone, or all individuals with the input email, depending on the search type they choose. And if left blank, it will cascade through those options in order until records are found.

Search conditions also allow the user a higher degree of power with Personator Search. When set to strict, the service will only return records that match the inputs exactly. When set to loose, the service will return all records that fully and partially match the input information. Lastly, the progressive option will at first run a strict search, but progressively drop inputs if nothing is found initially. In addition to this, an age filter can be applied to return individuals of a certain age range.

Lastly, the sorting option tells the service to return records in a certain order. The response can be sorted by postal code, city, address, name, date of birth, date of death, move date, and Melissa Address Key, in either ascending or descending order.

Using Personator Search

Personator Search is currently available as a cloud solution, hosted by Melissa. Users can access the service through REST request, and responses are returned in either XML or JSON format. More information about Personator Search can be found at the link below.


Melissa's Improvements in Dynamics CRM

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Dirty data, in all forms, is bad for business. Here at Melissa, our primary concern is cleansing it from all of your platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Melissa currently offers many solutions for Dynamics CRM in order to combat problems with bad data.


We offer the Personator® solution in order to cleanse and enrich your U.S. and Canadian data. We offer the Global Verify solution to correct and verify your addresses, phone numbers, names, and email addresses on an international level. Soon, we will release the Express Entry® solution in order to prevent bad data from entering your environment. As we strive to offer you the best solutions, Melissa constantly seeks to improve its solutions to better suit your needs.


Coming in a future update, we will offer the following new features to our Express Entry service:

•          Personator Workflows

•          Reverse Lookup for Express Entry

•          Express Entry Integration into Global Verify

Personator Workflows

Dynamics CRM is utilized in many different ways in the business world. The creation of contact, account, and lead records is handled through many different environments that may not leverage the standard form. In addition, sometimes users may forget to use our services to cleanse and correct information before saving and storing a record. 

To address these issues, we have created workflows for the Personator solution for the currently supported out-of-box entities. These workflows can be activated to leverage our Personator service on records automatically, such as upon creation of a new record. This will allow users to create records from a different environment, such as a separate portal, to have their information automatically validated through our workflows.


Reverse Lookups for Express Entry

Different users enter address information in different orders. With Dynamics CRM's ability to customize forms, it is apparent that not everyone will start by entering a street address. With our new feature, Reverse Lookups, users can enter information starting from the most general piece of information down to the most specific. For example, now a user, after entering his or her default country, can begin by entering the postal code to determine the city and state of the particular record. After filling out these fields, the user can then enter in the street address and select from a list of addresses only in that particular city, state, and postal code.


Express Entry Integration into Global Verify

Many customers require different methods of verification. In order to address these concerns, we have integrated our Express Entry service into our Global Verify solution. Now, you can utilize the Express Entry service to autocomplete addresses when entering data as well as verify phone and email with the click of a button.

With the TopConnector app, researching any U.S. neighborhood is incredibly easy. Just touch the buildings you see on the map to get data about the properties and their owners. It's as easy as that! TopConnector gives unlimited access to data on over 120 million residential and commercial properties, nationwide. No account and membership is required to use the app.


  • Easily find out what properties are in the area, their values and characteristics.
  • Get info about the property owner, how much they paid for the property, how long they have been living there, their taxes, mortgage, mortgage due date, and more. Find out whether the owner is occupying the house or is absentee or corporate owner.
  • Find out what's next to the property you're interested in. If it's a business - find out the business name, business size, key executive, contact info, and much more.


How it works

Center the map on the neighborhood you are interested in. Use My Location to get info on the properties around you, search by an address to get info on properties around that address, select from the photos on your phone to get info on properties at the photo's location. Just drag your finger along the map to explore any area. Touch the house or property you see on the map. The callout that appears over each building will show the property type, value, and the name of the property owner(s).

Tap on the callout to get all available data on the property and the property owners.

Wherever you might be, the entire TopConnector property database will be always with you - right in your hand.


Learn More: