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 91% of people actually like receiving promotional emails - an optimistic statistic if you're an email marketer. So why is it, most email campaigns yield extremely low open rates, click through rates (CTR) and conversions?


As a marketer myself, I'm constantly perplexed. Even after tireless research on new email trends and trying every 'how to' on sneakily coaxing prospects and clients into opening emails, I'm never satisfied with the results. Are you? If you're anything like me, you want more and expect better than the average open rate of 16.9% or CTR of 7.1%. And, who could blame you?


If you're looking for fresh tips and tricks for more clicks and higher conversions, check out this video: Become a Jedi Master of Email Marketing: 10 Tips & Tricks for Clicks. Instead of the typical 'how to email' tips, you'll discover new ways for implementing data-driven strategies to get the results you're looking for. Jedi Master of Email Marketing, Luis Hidalgo, gives 10 tips for deliverability, enrichment, personalization and geotargeting.


Watch now - you won't be disappointed! 


Email Marketing is an important tool for any business but it should be implemented with care and caution. Once you're blacklisted, you not only have a huge headache to deal with, but you risk tarnishing your company's reputation or brand. 


The frightening idea - it's easy to get flagged as a spammer regardless of the legitimacy of your email. Even some of the best marketing "buzz" words, if used in email, could flag you as a spammer. Follow the guidelines below to help protect your business and minimize your risk of getting blacklisted.


1.      Avoid including attachments. Not only will you get the attention of spam blocking organizations, but your email will most likely get filtered by the user's spam control tool, too.

2.      Make sure to offer an opt-out or unsubscribe option in your email. It's not only ethical, it's the law!

3.      Your subject line should avoid "spammy" words like free, discount, % off, cash, win, etc. These words are normally flagged as spam.

4.      Always follow CAN-SPAM laws. You can find the guidelines here:

5.      Ask your subscribers to add you to their address book - its a good practice to maintain.

6.      Avoid too many graphics.

7.      Continually remove emails that are invalid (hard bounces).  You might get the attention of spam-tracking organizations if you continually send to invalid email addresses.

8.      Check your blacklist status on a regular basis. Here's a services you can use:


By Oscar Li, Data Quality Sales Engineer/Channel Manager for Global Email

Melissa recently introduced several improvements and new features to its Global Email Verification Solution - an all-in-one real-time email mailbox validation and correction service. Here's a quick list of our latest improvements:

  • Improved fuzzy matching of domain corrections
  • Updated our TLD database with the newest ICANN info
  • Increased control over the freshness of data returned
  • Better unknown status detection capability

In terms of the service's new features, Global Email now offers two validation modes: Express and Premium.


Express can be used in time-sensitive situations and will give back a response in one or two seconds. Premium will actually perform a real-time validation of the email address and can take up to 12 seconds to receive a response back.

If you want to reduce the time taken in premium mode, we offer an advanced email option which will reduce the freshness of the data return in order to increase speed.

Using the Global Email Verification Solution to Protect & Increase Your Email Reputation Score

What does email reputation mean? A big part of a marketer's campaign is email marketing campaigns. It is important to watch your email reputation with a tool such as senderscore. Once you are blacklisted, your email deliverability will suffer, and as a result, you will have trouble sending out emails in the future as most mail servers subscribe to a spammers list.


Integrators should consult with our data quality experts in order to understand what they need to look out for to avoid a bad campaign, and why certain emails should be flagged/inspected. Even if you avoid spam traps, sending out too many invalid emails will cause the mail server to flag you as a potential spammer. Email marketing campaign servers with a low email reputation score will typically experience aggressive filtering.

On the other hand, maintaining a high reputation score will see less intrusive filtering only applied to individual emails and email campaigns instead of blanket IP addresses. It would be definitely prudent to not allow other users to influence your email reputation.

For example, if you are on a shared server - other companies/users could be sending out their own campaigns without filtering emails through our service. It would be a waste if you spent all the time and investment controlling your email campaigns and another user is email blasting without mailbox validation causing the entire IP to be affected.

How do I improve my email reputation score?

If your reputation scores are already dismal for your current existing email campaign server IPs, it might be beneficial to do email campaigns on a new or more reputable IP to see better return on investment. This would start your email reputation on a clean slate. As a disclaimer, we are not sure how feasible this would be for everybody, but your team will need to discuss internally.

However, using our service on existing IP should raise the reputation score for that specific IP. On IPs with pre-existing high volume campaign history, the scores will be slow to change. You can now see why it is extremely prudent to invest in an email validation system early on and why Global Email is a valuable tool to utilize.

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