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Do More for Less - the Power of Email Marketing

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According to recent studies, 91% of US adults like getting email promos from companies they follow, and email itself is nearly 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter marketing combined! Plus, email marketing is cheap or free in many cases (if you already have an email list, for example). So, how do you leverage this affordable platform and do more without spending more?


Here are five things to consider to help boost sales for your next campaign.


1.  Target New Prospects

The main reason you market is to get more customers, right? Well, email marketing is a great way to do that. You can target prospects based on any number of factors--including age, date of birth, and even Zip Code! So, even if your business is a local pizza place, email marketing makes it easy to ensure your customers (and potential customers) are always in the know about promotions, events, and new offers.


2.  Reignite Your Postal Database

Already have a list of customers and their physical addresses? Want to get their emails based on that information so you can reach them on two fronts? An email append service can breathe new life into your customer lists. All you need is a customer name and address, and you'll get a corresponding email addresses to match. From there, add them to your email list, and voila--instant email marketing!


3.  Cut Down on Marketing Costs

Marketing is one of the most powerful tools for your business, but if you're spending more than you make in return, is it worth the cost? Probably not. Luckily, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on email marketing campaigns. The biggest costs associated with running this kind of campaign are found in templates, buying email lists if you don't have them, and purchasing a service that sends your campaigns, too. To save money, find a provider like that offers a full-service email marketing tool to do all the design, implementation, and tracking for you, saving you time and money.


4.  Strengthen Relationships

Reach out to your customers early and often, keep them at the forefront of everything you do, and include them as much as possible. With email marketing, this is easier than ever. You can connect with your customers directly, offer them insight into your company and new product offers, or even send them coupon codes that give them a special deal they can't find elsewhere. By bringing the conversation  to their inbox, you'll strengthen your relationship with every customer.


5.  Improve Communication

In 2017, "Hello, Customer" just doesn't cut it. To improve communication with and understanding of your customers, implementing personalization tactics can work wonders. If you know the customer's name, address the email directly to them. If you know they bought a pepperoni lover's special from you a month ago, remind them how delicious it was and offer them a coupon for their next purchase. Being personal and communicative goes a long way with every customer, and a good email marketing solution will target by age, income, gender and/or home value, and more.


Now that you're prepared, give it a shot with a free trial of Melissa's Email Marketing Service! We design, send, analyze, and track, for an all-in-one solution to help you reach your customers more effectively.



How to Know Customers Are Who They Say They Are

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In 2015 alone, 62% of companies were targets of payment fraud. As customers increasingly conduct their financial affairs online and via mobile devices, risk management and fraud prevention become more and more difficult. So, how do you know customers are who they say they are?

Short of reaching through the computer, tablet, or smartphone screen and verifying a customer with your own eyes, there are a plethora of ways that help you better know your customer, manage risk, and even prevent fraudulent transactions.

Age & National ID Verification

The first step to customer authentication is to match a customer's national ID (for example, their social security or driver's license numbers) and date of birth. Better authenticate a customer's ID documents and simplify compliance with any age restrictions or purchase laws, while improving customer service at the same time. Instantly verify that the customer purchasing your age-restricted goods is old enough to legally make that purchase.

Name-Address Matching

The second step is to match name to address to confirm the person buying your product or service isn't giving you false information. Personator leverages a comprehensive dataset containing billions of records to confirm and match current names and addresses with the highest degree of accuracy. Our powerful, real-time tools and services help you achieve entity resolution and compliance, as well as better know your customer and reduce, or even eliminate, the need for manual review.

Address Correction & Formatting

Next, you'll want to add in what's missing from customer data entry, legacy systems, sales input, and anywhere else your records come from. Add missing street suffixes, state/province/administrative area info, and standardize addresses to specific country formats using Advanced Address Correction (AAC) to verify that addresses are accurate and deliverable to real locations.

Contact Data Validation

Validation concerns more than just a name or address - it needs to look at all aspects of people data, from names and addresses to phone numbers, email addresses, geocodes, IP locations, demographics, and more. Determine that the given postal address for every customer is deliverable, the email address exists, the name associated with a mobile device and whether the phone number is active and callable, and the given name is in a valid format. You can even trace customers with geocodes and IP locators to manage risk and ensure compliance.

Melissa's Personator® World Edition can help meet all of these needs. Personator is a customizable web service that fits all your ID verification process and risk management requirements. It can help optimize onboarding and fraud detection in Ecommerce, AML Compliance, Customer Due Diligence, Card Not Present, Know Your Customer (KYC), and FinTech/RegTech arenas.

Try Personator free for 30 days to see how it can transform your business's safety and compliance.

The last major update to the Business Coder Web Service includes the addition of employee contacts for the entered business, allowing for the retrieval of employee names and their respective titles. The next major update to Business Coder will feature an upgrade to the employee contact list returned. Aside from the name and title, contacts will now also give back both their email address and phone number if available. 

This is what the contacts array used to return, versus what it returns with the latest update:


Make sure to take advantage of these new fields in the next Business Coder update in order to enrich and improve your business contact information. Leveraging additional contact information will certainly allow for new opportunities with business prospects and allow for better marketing segmentation.


Try our Business Coder API now.

Melissa's Improvements in Dynamics CRM

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Dirty data, in all forms, is bad for business. Here at Melissa, our primary concern is cleansing it from all of your platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Melissa currently offers many solutions for Dynamics CRM in order to combat problems with bad data.


We offer the Personator® solution in order to cleanse and enrich your U.S. and Canadian data. We offer the Global Verify solution to correct and verify your addresses, phone numbers, names, and email addresses on an international level. Soon, we will release the Express Entry® solution in order to prevent bad data from entering your environment. As we strive to offer you the best solutions, Melissa constantly seeks to improve its solutions to better suit your needs.


Coming in a future update, we will offer the following new features to our Express Entry service:

•          Personator Workflows

•          Reverse Lookup for Express Entry

•          Express Entry Integration into Global Verify

Personator Workflows

Dynamics CRM is utilized in many different ways in the business world. The creation of contact, account, and lead records is handled through many different environments that may not leverage the standard form. In addition, sometimes users may forget to use our services to cleanse and correct information before saving and storing a record. 

To address these issues, we have created workflows for the Personator solution for the currently supported out-of-box entities. These workflows can be activated to leverage our Personator service on records automatically, such as upon creation of a new record. This will allow users to create records from a different environment, such as a separate portal, to have their information automatically validated through our workflows.


Reverse Lookups for Express Entry

Different users enter address information in different orders. With Dynamics CRM's ability to customize forms, it is apparent that not everyone will start by entering a street address. With our new feature, Reverse Lookups, users can enter information starting from the most general piece of information down to the most specific. For example, now a user, after entering his or her default country, can begin by entering the postal code to determine the city and state of the particular record. After filling out these fields, the user can then enter in the street address and select from a list of addresses only in that particular city, state, and postal code.


Express Entry Integration into Global Verify

Many customers require different methods of verification. In order to address these concerns, we have integrated our Express Entry service into our Global Verify solution. Now, you can utilize the Express Entry service to autocomplete addresses when entering data as well as verify phone and email with the click of a button.

BusinessCoder's vital firmographics have expanded! We are pleased to announce new updates which include the addition of contact information and job titles to the return fields available. Enhance your business contact database, generate fresh leads, and optimize B2B marketing.

Reap rewards this year with multiple selects that help you gain a full picture of your B2B database. Get company names, SIC codes, employee size, total sales estimate, and more.

25 Million Records to Make Ordinary Data Actionable

  • Update your records with new contact information to generate productive leads
  • Personalize your marketing messages with accurate business titles to increase response rates
  • Enhance business intelligence with greater accuracy and improved analytics


Try BusinessCoder today. Please contact your Melissa Data Customer Service Representative at 800-635-4772.


Once upon a time there was a shopping cart named Carter. Carter loved shopping. He loved meeting new people and being a part of learning all about their lives and what they liked to buy. He loved helping them peruse everything from run-of-the-mill groceries and toiletries to the exciting new smart TVs and holiday decorations. But there was one part of shopping that always left Carter feeling strange... Sometimes, after shopping for hours, and being filled up to the brim, his friends would just vanish. They never came back. He was alone; holding their dreams and necessities.

Every business has its own set of complexities, but the digital age seems to have made browsing for merchandise a never-ending perusal rather than a cut and dried sale. Cart abandonment is high for everyone, nearing 70%. There are many different causes but one major problem is lack of transparency in shipping.

Let's say a mother sits down to order formula and diapers. She puts them into her cart, she goes through the entire checkout only to find out at the last minute that shipping is going to be nearly equivalent to the purchase price. Ordering online, which was supposed to be convenient, is now annoying and she closes her browser.

56% of people abandon their shopping carts when presented with unexpected costs during the checkout process. However, if people are given a proper heads up about how much the product or shipping costs, they're more likely to buy it-- even if it's more expensive. (35 Actionable Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Ultimate List from Styla.)

Melissa Data is here to help you solve this ever present problem with vital solutions formulated for your industry. Enter Predictive Shipping. Manage shipping your way with the Melissa Data Decimal shipping calculator and boost sales by predicting delivery dates and shipping options on your products page where people see it right away and it's no longer a surprise. Keep customers informed to build trust and dependability. For many more solutions to cart abandonment, check out our website at Melissa Data


Does your holiday marketing need an elf for an assistant? Let's be real, who doesn't? Melissa Data is your holiday helper, with 5 valuable tips to help you lead a stunning marketing campaign from from now and on into the new year. Check it out! 

1. Create a Tight Campaign Strategy
Tidy up your contact data before launch day. Achieve better returns when you plan ahead and know that each customer's data is accurate, reliable, and actionable. If your communication isn't deliverable, customers won't know that you're celebrating the holiday season with them! 

2. Holiday Offers
Think demographically and segment your marketing to target consumers with personalized messages that speak to and compliment their celebrations. Make your special offers unique and appropriate. We offer demographic and firmographic append services that add marital status, household income, family size, and more. Gain insight into your consumers and create offers that benefit their needs.  

3. Engage Yourself 
It's easy to focus on customer engagement via email response rates, conversions, and social analytics. But ask yourself: Am I engaged? Consider our Social Media Service to gain a full picture of where and how your customers socialize and add flexibility to your strategy. 

5. Spread the Joy 
Now would also be a great time to reach out to potential new customers who are just like your existing customers. Our Consumer list has hundreds of selects so that you can find the perfect audience for your campaign. And our lists are  USPS®CASS™processed to ensure high deliverability.

4. Make it a Fulfilling Holiday
Add address autocompletion to forms and to your checkout--this will reduce long forms that frustrate customers. Plus, they work great for people buying gifts for long distance family and friends. If they don't know the full address or postal code of their recipient, Global Express Entry will help. 

The holiday season isn't merely a list of 'special offer' dates. To reach sales goals, create a customer experience filled with joy. Tie your campaign up in a red ribbon and celebrate your customers. They will feel valued and shift loyalty to you. 

Melissa Data: Your Friend in Brand Integrity

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Ross: Every week, the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey's 
apartment. What name appears on the address label?

Rachel: Oh! Chandler gets it! It's Chandler Bing!

Monica: No!

Ross: I'm afraid the TV Guide comes to "Chanandelor Bong."

Monica: I knew that! Rachel! Use your head!

Chandler: Actually, it's Miss Chanandelor Bong.

FRIENDS Season 4, Episode 12

Bad Contact Data isn't new - it has created pop culture. This episode of Friends is a highly amusing scene, but the joke is more than simply Rachel's lack of knowledge. When it comes to contact data, who's steering the ship?

Name? Absurd. Gender? Wrong.

Maintaining the most complete and up-to-date customer information is highly important. When marketing material is sent to the same household multiple times, to different individuals or names are misspelled, it doesn't just cost you in postage. It costs your brand.

Brand integrity may be defined as the consistent image that a brand presents to the public. From social marketing to direct mail, a brand must maintain a single voice and image in order to be taken seriously and to be successful. According to The Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, if the gap between the projected image and the reality of the customer experience widens, customers smell hypocrisy.

Melissa Data can help you anchor your brand in the public eye with better, more accurate contact data. We have a number of solutions that are made to fit your data needs. For example, Personator is a solution to consider when devising ways to preserve your brand's integrity. Personator provides name-to-address verification and cross-referencing address, name, phone, and email to ensure all data corresponds to the same individual. Personator will also enrich your contacts by adding missing address, email, and phone information, and much more. See how it works.

Then, there's mailing and shipping. You want to make your customers happy to protect your brand. Accurately mailing packages is a good way to increase customer retention. SmartMover can help. SmartMover is a real-time, cloud-based service that allows you to update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers that have moved. Get the current addresses of old customers who may have relocated to get your mail delivered on time, and qualify for postal discounts.

These are only a few of the ways in which Melissa Data can help you maintain your brand. Our customers are very important to us, and we are dedicated to helping you preserve the reputation of your business. Learn more when you visit our website and discover the tools you need to cultivate the integrity of your brand. 

Achieving the Best Segmentation and Insight into Customers

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Every database out there is missing pieces of information that, if available, could provide you with better insight into your customers. There are data enrichment tools that can add missing email, phone, and address information.  They can also append demographic and geographic data, and detailed property information to your database.

Here are a few things you can do to achieve the best segmentation and insight into your customers:

Know Your Customers Preferred Method of Communication

Using a tool,  such as Personator, gives you the missing information you need to reach customers and prospects using the channel they desire for better response and ROI. To learn more about this solution, click here.

Improve Sales and Marketing Through Geocoding

With our geocoding solution, you can get precise rooftop (delivery point level) latitude and longitude coordinates for U.S. and international addresses so you can perform accurate spatial analysis and mapping.

Consumer Demographics and Business Firmographics

Access 100's of data selections to enhance your data and provide the critical customer insight you need. You can get access to 25 million business records for detailed information, including firmographics (company name, estimated sales volume), geo-location, census data, and more to improve analytics, sales, and marketing campaigns for increased profitability.

IP Location

Identify the physical location of an IP address, and add valuable geographical information like the country, city, lat/long so you can better profile Web traffic and improve business intelligence.

Having the best segmentation and insight into your customer will improve your success with marketing and sales campaigns while giving you the best ROI. Check-out Melissa Data's Data enrich & Geocode solutions to find out more about how you can use these valuable tools for your business.

By Natalia Crawford

Delivering the Goods

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As a retailer, you have probably taken the time to carefully select how you will ship your products. You've taken the time to select the right mailing package and the right packaging. You offer an amazing product with the quality shipping products, but have you done everything you can to ensure the delivery?

How can you ensure delivery? Well, one way is through address verification. Invalid addresses equal out to packages not being delivered which then result in unhappy customers. Sure, carriers might be able to correct addresses to ensure package delivery, but you end up having to pay extra for that service.

As you seek to expand your global reach, learning to format addresses by county is important. Not only does incorrect formatting confuse deliverers, but it also delays and at times even prevents delivery. Plus, you don't want to rely on postal services to fill-in the holes regarding your customer's information.

This is an easy problem to solve, and it is done by validating the shipping address at checkout. Melissa Data offers a verification system that uses data from international postal services as well as marketing companies and other sources to validate a shipping address at checkout by cross-referencing it against its address database. If the address provided by the customer does not turn up a match, the retailer is immediately notified and can then contact the customer.

This system can also be used to build in address auto-fill capability at checkout. This saves time for the consumer while minimizing data entry efforts. In addition, Melissa Data also provides geocoding tools to help retailers improve delivery rates by assigning a latitude and longitude to international addresses. This tells retailers whether the order is being shipped to a rural area where a delivery agent may be needed.

Data that is accurate and up-to-date will help you reduce costly returns and correct addresses to ensure delivery. Keep your customers happy and learn about Melissa Data's solutions.

By Natalia Crawford