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Even with a large client list, it's easy to feel cut off from the people you want to reach. Melissa Data has the tools to help you better connect with your customers, supporters, and prospects. Keep your marketing agile. Engage across multiple channels and improve your connections. Enter Melissa Data's Social Media Append service!

The service allows you to add social contact information from 20 different social networks to an individual's email address. Personalize your communications to encourage sharing and purchases, and build meaningful customer relationships by learning more about a person's affiliations, chat handles, and other details. Our Social Media Append service gives you a more complete snapshot of who your contacts are.

Take this step to reinvigorate existing customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, lead generation, and ROI. Plus, find what appeals to customers faster. Then, craft your message to fit right in. Don't put a message in a bottle-connect with people who are engaged and listening. Melissa Data's Social Media Append service brings a more tuned-in customer community. Don't be a stranger, become a part of their conversation.

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How to Personalize Marketing with Social Media

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Social media is a key when it comes to building customer relationships, growing your customer base, increasing brand awareness, and lead generation. Social media provides you with your individual contacts likes, dislikes, affiliates, and more making your marketing agile. There are social media tools, such as Melissa Data's Social Media Service, that give you the ability to easily enrich your customer contact data with social media intelligence. Social Media Service allows you to know your customers better and discover their interests for smart target marketing and sales efforts.

With a tool like that, you can personalize messages to encourage sharing and purchases, aid sales with easy connection to prospects, discover your customers networks and topics of interest, and increase marketing effectiveness with seamless integration. You can enhance your customer's profiles and therefore enhance your customer view.

With your contact's email, you can get access to up to 20 different social networks including but not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Skype
  • Youtube
  • Google+ & more!

A tool like, Social Media Service can be used in CRM, e-commerce, retail, non-profits, B2B, and other areas where a deeper understanding of customer data can benefit by adding social connections to the mix.

Having this kind of information provides you with increased ROI, a more complete contact database, and more informed marketing initiatives and product development. Increase the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns and strategy with a social media append tool.

Do you have the social media connections for the contacts in your database? If you don't, Melissa Data's Social Media Service is a great way to connect with your prospects. Contact us today to request a quote.

By Natalia Crawford