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Savvy Investors Found a Way to Get Unlimited Access to Data on More Than 120 Million Properties and Its Owners with TopConnector App


There is huge amount of property information anyone can view on Zillow, Realtor or on most real estate agents' websites. But those portals do not make it easy for investors who don't have a real estate license to research all the properties in an area or to gather information on property owners. 


That's exactly why so many real estate investors use the TopConnector app to get unlimited and unrestricted access to property and owner data. Investors like having their own access to data instead of constantly seeking friendly agents to work with.


When it comes to doing area research - whether you're analyzing property values, looking for owner info or searching for comps - nothing beats the TopConnector app. The number of properties that can be researched is simply unparalleled in the mobile app world. 


Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, TopConnector can help you quickly and easily research all properties, in any neighborhood, nationwide. Now you can get all the data you need on any property you want, including owner info, property lines and comps.


TopConnector App gives you:


1. Unlimited access to data on more than 120 million properties and its owners

  • Residential, commercial and off-market properties
  • Property value, size, age, details and property lines
  • Tax, last sale date & price, mortgage and more

2. Property owner info

  • Owner name
  • Absentee or corporate owners
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number (if available)
  • Key demographics
  • Length of time in home

3. Commercial building statistics

  • Building's owner
  • Business tenants
  • Business owner, key executive, contact person, contact phone and key sales figures

4. Comps

  • Properties of the same type and size
  • Recently sold
  • Located within one mile of the subject property


Not a Realtor? No problem! Put TopConnector app into your pocket and enjoy your data!


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Acquire Property Owner Info in Under a Minute

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Looking for instant insight? Curious about a property or property owner? Get all the data you need, on any property you want - in less than a minute! The TopConnector App provides unlimited and unrestricted access to data for more than 120 million properties and its owners. And, it's all in one place - your hand.


Individuals in real estate, insurance, home renovation and a plethora of other businesses offering services to property owners, are staying one step ahead of their competition with the TopConnector App. Imagine how you or your company would benefit from easy access to information on virtually any property in the US... 


Ok, get your head out of the clouds...


This is How It Works:


1.      In the neighborhood: Tap the "My Location" button to center the map on your current location. Touch any house you see on the map to get the property and owner info - touch the next house, then the next, and so on.


2.      In the office: Enter an address in the "Search Field" and tap the "Search" button. The app will show the address location on the map. Start touching properties on the map to get property & owner data.


3.      In-the-dark on an address: Center the map manually on the area you want to research. Start touching properties on the map to see all the details.


4.      In picture-taking mode: From the location, take a picture of whatever you'd like - a house, tree or your shoes! Then use the "Find Photo's Location" feature to show the photo's location on the map. Start touching properties you see on the map to get particulars. 


TopConnector can be downloaded in the App Store at or for more information, visit



With the TopConnector app, researching any U.S. neighborhood is incredibly easy. Just touch the buildings you see on the map to get data about the properties and their owners. It's as easy as that! TopConnector gives unlimited access to data on over 120 million residential and commercial properties, nationwide. No account and membership is required to use the app.


  • Easily find out what properties are in the area, their values and characteristics.
  • Get info about the property owner, how much they paid for the property, how long they have been living there, their taxes, mortgage, mortgage due date, and more. Find out whether the owner is occupying the house or is absentee or corporate owner.
  • Find out what's next to the property you're interested in. If it's a business - find out the business name, business size, key executive, contact info, and much more.


How it works

Center the map on the neighborhood you are interested in. Use My Location to get info on the properties around you, search by an address to get info on properties around that address, select from the photos on your phone to get info on properties at the photo's location. Just drag your finger along the map to explore any area. Touch the house or property you see on the map. The callout that appears over each building will show the property type, value, and the name of the property owner(s).

Tap on the callout to get all available data on the property and the property owners.

Wherever you might be, the entire TopConnector property database will be always with you - right in your hand.


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